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I found out my college sells nexon cards in the college book store who0t ! Now I can buy it when I can when I'm in the college lol :-D

Now my college is even cooler to me since they sell nexon cards lol :-D

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I downloaded the game and I've been having fun playing it, but.......

Sometimes it doesn't work and once an a while it does. Whenever I click the start game button then when the game loads it doesn't load fully and just shows a blank white screen :-/ and today, I kept trying to go play it but it still won't load fully and still showed a white screen. It worked last night really good.

Anyone have any ideas?

magic mastery help

for the life of me how do i use this skill? im a level 18. does that matter?
I mean i have it, i went to the school and i have aquired the icebolt skill but i cant use any magic...i am pretty sure with out the basic magic mastery. but i really dont know what else i need to do or what i should be doing to make it work.. any help would be nice.. thanks..


I noticed the last activity on this community was almost a year ago so I hope the other users here are possibly still playing. XP

I just got into Mabinogi recently... I've seen it around for the past year but I was too consumed in other RPGs at the time (Yogurting, RF Online, ...) so it's finally Mabinogi's turn. I have one main problem playing this game: often times I -always- time out and I usually cannot play for more than, oh, 10 mins. Is it because the servers are just THAT conjested? ((Though I highly doubt it?)) At first I thought it was the server I chose... since I picked the first one (usually first out of the list could be the most busy) so I restarted and tried another. And, of course, the problem didn't solve itself. Could the problem be my own connection?

Any help would be great. Thanks!
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